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Why a Film about Michele De Lucchi

Alessio Bozzer

Italy, 2013, 65'


Why a film about Michele De Lucchi?
The answer occurs naturally, as you will listen to this architect.
Which tells of the Radical architecture, the conceptual experiments, the work in Olivetti and the intense relationship with Ettore Sottsass. The adventure of Memphis. Buildings and objects. One of the most famous objects in the world, the Tolomeo lamp, which he designed for Artemide in 1985.
The work with artisans, why at some point he picked up a chain saw and started making small wooden houses.
And so the film is built almost by itself.
With super-8 films of the '70s, with the performances of Cavart group. With black and white photos of De Lucchi dressed as Napoleon in front of the Milan Triennale. With the assembly of the Olivetti Syntesis, where in 1979 he began working. With original LP Blonde on Blonde by Bob Dylan, who was spinning unceasing on the turntable the night in December 1980, when he founded the Memphis. With the work of the artisans. With the architecture projects in Milan, Venice, Georgia. With the steps of processing and assembly of the lamp Tolomeo. With Michele De Lucchi, who fills with petrol his chainsaw and begins to cut and shape large logs of wood in his private space, the Chioso, in Angera.

Original Title
Perché un film su Michele De Lucchi
Original language
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