About us

Audiovisiva is the first digital platform to bring together and publish the best documentaries about the key figures in Italian culture online, through on-demand streaming services.

This platform is ‘handmade’ with care. It sprouts from our passion for Italian art culture and from our desire to spread its enjoyment through the online world, including and focusing on the educational field.

The heart of our research lies in the investigations of the stories of multiple designers, architects, artists, composers, directors, writers, musicians, fashion stylists, and photographers.

Our curated database contains more than 300 documentaries:  a maze that will take you deep into the understanding of Italian culture through its key figures and walk you through the exploration of unexpected connections between them. For each artist, we present a selection of films, which are also available for consultation by category.

Our challenge is to gradually make all those documentaries more accessible – above all, those which are not at the moment available online – and to show them around the world: at home, in classrooms, in museums, etc.