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Winter Harvest

Riccardo De Cal

Italy, 2010, 40'


Fast hands, accustomed to work, mash, knead, knock. The shots are now more deaf, now more accurate, sound. It all starts from the material: clay, indeed, the "crea" what's his name in the Veneto. And like an initiation, the man, the potter goes first where everything has its origins: the quarries. Mountains of clay. It's a strange place, quiet, where everything has the same color of the moon and it looks like a different planet. Who is this old silent, his face framed by white curls in the form of flames, which create the impression of a Hellenistic head? What is his history of man, potter and artist? The film attempts a path in his life and in the symbolic place to which he devoted enormous effort, in which he has lived a long time: the old Rivarotta furnace.

Original Title
Raccolto d'inverno
Original language
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