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Nanda Vigo. Cronotopia: in Time and Space

"Design Differences" series

Cecilia Fabiani, Emilio Neri Tremolada

Italy, 2013, 7'


Nanda Vigo, an artist loaned to design, opens the doors to her studio home and describes her passion for evanescent materials, such as glass, mirrors, and lights, a recurring theme in her work. Terragni, Ponti, Fontana, Manzoni, Gruppo Zero, as well as Driade and Arredoluce merge in space and time.

Design Differences is a series that explores the difference between design and criticism, between functionality and research, two souls that have always been at the heart of Italian design. A dialogue between thinking and doing is characteristic and critical to its success. Two short film groups feature several preeminent figures.

PART I_Creating design. Materials, function, and mass production.
Antonia Astori/ Cini Boeri/ Alberto Meda

The works of three designers, who have helped to make the history of Italian design great, are portrayed in three short films. They talk about coming up against limitations imposed by materials, technology, and mass production. These limitations are accompanied by the functional and aesthetic requirements of the designers, whose visions enable them to anticipate and interpret the world to come.

PART II_Thinking about design. Art, critique, and research.
Gillo Dorfles/ Alessandro Guerriero/ Nanda Vigo

These three figures are difficult to categorize and define. It’s no coincidence that they all dealt in different ways with art and design, creating texts, books, paintings, courses, schools, exhibitions, workshops, installations, performances, and, in some cases, even products. But it wasn’t so much doing as thinking that made them great. When an interpretation of design is combined with research, it becomes fruitfully infected.

Original Title
Nanda Vigo. Cronotopia: nello spazio e nel tempo
Original language
English, Italian
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