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Hand Gestures

Francesco Clerici

Italy, 2015, 77'


Historic Italian sculptor Giacomo  Manzù used to say that the sculpture is a hand gesture, a gesture of love. This documentary film follows the process of creating one of  Velasco Vitali’s famous dog sculptures, from wax to glazed bronze, at Fonderia Artistica Battaglia (Battaglia Artistic Foundry), in Milan. The film observes the work of a group of skilled artisans in this 100-year old foundry and reveals the ancient traditions of bronze sculpture making, unchanged since the Sixth century B.C. Over the centuries, many technological innovations have come about in art. Yet, even today, in order to create a sculpture in bronze, it is necessary to take the same steps taken in the Sixth century BC for the Riace bronzes. These steps are not taught in school but are passed on in the ancient oral tradition and through apprenticeships from artisans.

Original Title
Il gesto delle mani
Original language
English, French, Spanish
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