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The Charging Bull

Nello Correale

Italy, 2014, 52'


Early on the 16th of December in 1989, the city of New York received one of its most original presents: a massive bronze bull weighing 3 ½ tons and measuring at 16 feet long. The prominent sculpture was strategically placed in front of the New York Stock Exchange building on Wall Street, under the Christmas tree. No one commissioned for this work of art to be created nor did anyone give permission for it to be placed in the heart of America’s financial district. Who would have imagined that The Charging Bull would become the world-renowned symbol of American finance and a talisman for suspicious brokers? This movie reflects upon the life and work of the Italian sculptor who generously donated this piece of art to the city of New York, Arturo Di Modica, and his unusual methodology of creating expansive pieces of art, covering the costs at his own expense, and positioning them outdoors. The dynamic artist opens the doors of his studios in New York and in Sicily and delves into his controversial endeavors, revealing new projects, which will be featured also in his beloved homeland. 

Original Title
The Charging Bull. The Bull Of Wall Street
Original language
Italian, English
Italian, English, English CC
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