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The Hidden Angels of Luchino Visconti

Silvia Giulietti

Italy, 2007, 54'


There are many ways of framing a landscape, a face. And many more as well to tell the story of a man, his life, his passions, his character and movements, sending a message to the world. 

“The Hidden Angles of Luchino Visconti” documentary deals with the man, the great man and director Visconti was, through the eyes of his closest collaborators and the never-before-seen images of Mario Tursi’s personal photographic archive. He was the photographer who followed Visconti along with his entire life. In this documentary, Visconti’s camera operators give us back the vision of his genius. They have been able to contribute to his greatness in silence, without fanaticism or exaltation, and for this reason, they are his “Hidden Angels”. 

Original Title
Gli angeli nascosti di Luchino Visconti
Original language
English, French, Spanish